Other Services

We offer more than simply car covers. Below are some of the other things we do :-

  • Bristol 400 Coupe with new interior

  • MG B Roadster with new Tonneau Cover

  • MG A Roadster with new Roof and new Leather/vinyl interior

  • Shop Fitters Upholstery

    1934 Botwindow Coupe in Leather

    1963 Galaxie Interior

    Alexis Race Car Seat and Steering Wheel Leather

    MGF Cloth Touneu Cover

    Mustang Cloth Roof

    Bucati Radiator Muff

    Bugatti Interior

    Lamborghini Miura Leather Back Red Interior

    Yellow Rolls Royce Antique Red Leather

    Sun Beam Black Leather Interior

    1934 Roadster